Lorenzo Carnevale

Assistant Professor at University of Messina

Edge Intelligence | Lorenzo Carnevale

Edge Intelligence

Gartner’s hype cycle for artificial intelligence (AI) 2021, shown in figure 1, places the edge AI at the peak of inflated expectation, leaving the innovation trigger phase in only 12 months. Moreover, the IBM Institute for Business Value claims that the expected return on investment in green edge computing amounts to 10% in 2022. According to Gartner, however, there will still be room for further investments in edge AI, because it will steadily reach the Plateau of Productivity within a maximum of 5 years. In fact, when talking about the computation of AI tasks at the edge of the network, the literature shows solutions that rely on well-known infrastructures that involve devices, edge, and cloud systems.

gartner-hype-cycle-ai-2021 Figure 1: The 4 Trends That Prevail on the Gartner Hype Cycle for AI, 2021

Communication, Coordination, Cooperation, and Collaboration

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